Management Systems

The Philosophy of design behind our Management Systems is that we regard both Customer and Supplier costs as mutual.
By analysing a traditional relationship we can isolate many activities and expenses that are duplicated or simply no longer required.

The removal of this 'waste' is the objective and the result is together we have a much lower overhead burden and the client can therefore receive goods to the point of consumption at a much lower cost. The Montrose Group introduced VMI in 1992
and within a decade now distribute over 50% of our goods through one of our management systems, the whole process is a 'Turn Key' solution. Therefore once
the customer has made the decision, the VMI team assume full responsibility for
a smooth and seamless transition and installation.

Making Technology Work

Although it can be relatively easy to select a company that offers JIT systems, in our opinion there are still very important issues to consider.
This is why we are constantly striving to refine our processes and utilise technology. Visibility between the organisations emphasises the
fundamental change in the relationship from one of competing needs to shared information and objectives where both companies have a vested interest in driving down costs to protect the future.

Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI
A system whereby Montrose take total responsibility for a wide range or fasteners and other Cataogory C parts , supplying directly to the point of consumption within the clients factory..


Remote Ordering Systems - ROS
The client is given the scanners to create PO's at will from a vast pre defined range of catogory C parts.


Supply Chain Management - SCM
Montrose takes on the storage and supply function of many other products allowing the client to streamline its supplier data base and achieve efficiencies.


Purchasing Agency Services - PAS
Montrose can provide a host of other purchasing services to support existing clients infinding savings and efficiencies.