Management Systems

Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI

In 1993 Montrose Fasteners designed the first Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service which is a more streamline and efficent version of the commonly seen 'Just in time' and 'Kanban' systems via use of the latest technological advances. In essence we take responsibility for a vast range of relatively low cost components, fasteners, fixings, consumables and personal protection equipment. By finding the best sources globally, storing the inventory and feeding it into our customers manufacturing process, we can remove a great deal of expense from the 'delivered cost' of any component.

VMI provides our clients with a list of very tangible benefits that most businesses now recognise.

  • Reduced capital employed
  • More space for production
  • Less management time on procurement
  • Improved Supply Chain management
  • Reduced administration
  • Improved productivity through faster stock replenishment
  • Providing an opportunity to re-deploy staff
  • Technical support