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Montrose Acquired by Bufab

I am delighted to announce that on Monday 5th December 2016, The Montrose Group successfully concluded its negotiations to join the Bufab Group of Companies.

Bufab is a Multi-National distributor of Fasteners and Category C parts in over 26 countries worldwide.  With a turnover in excess of £200 Million p.a.  it is one of the bigger industrial businesses centred in Sweden. Bufab are known as experts in Vendor Managed Inventory Systems providing Fasteners, machined turned parts and an array of Category C items to manufacturing companies throughout Europe and beyond.

It is this similarity that has brought the two companies together, where the scale and resource now available to Montrose will ensure its prosperity and continued growth.  For our customers, we look forward to discussing some of the new opportunities this presents, but above all we want to assure you of our commitment and desire to continue to be an important partner in your business.  

Our Management team will remain together and we hope you will all benefit from this new association.

Yours Sincerely

Charles Ainsworth MCIPS
Managing Director

Montrose now offering 17-4 Ph Condition A from stock

The Montrose Group are delighted to be exclusive agents for the sale of Cogne's AISI 630 Annealed material,
as a result of this partnership The Montrose Group will be stocking Cogne material in 17-4 Ph Condition A
from 1/2" DIA up to 12" DIA.

The Montrose Group Grows…

The Montrose Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of the trade and assets of Izfast fasteners Ltd of Milton Keynes. After a life time within the trade the current owners, Ian and Laura have announced their retirement and have chosen The Montrose Group to take over the business and management of Izfast customers.
From the 1st of December 2015 the business will be based at Montrose Bedford located in Kempston.  In addition to the inventory Montrose will also providing continuous employment for all their staff.   

"It was a compliment to be selected to continue the good work of Izfast.  Despite the size difference there are many similarities in the two organisations, particularly our focus on service, which we will maintain at the highest level. I also hope that our new customers can benefit from our additional resources such as our 50,000 item stock range or possibly our raw materials or engineered parts divisions. It has been a pleasure working with them and we wish them both a long and happy retirement."

Charles Ainsworth - Group Managing Director


Gerry Swain                Kempston site Manager                     01234 840404

Nick Miles                   Montrose Group Sales Director          07909 985347

Exciting news for summer 2015!

Following last years success we are pleased to announce the arrival of two new machines to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. this will help us meet your requirements quickly, effectively and more efficiently.

New Kasto Band Saw

The new, fully-automated band saw from kasto has been designed for mass producing sawing of solid material, tube and profiles, This addition on top of our current inventory of saws will enable montrose to service our customers needs faster and more efficiently.
The new arrival was installed in March 2015 and enables us to offer a 'SAME DAY' cutting service for those urgent, must have jobs.

New Packing Machine

Our new Packing Machine has the capacity to pack up to 15 bags a minute of mixed fasteners and fixings. This additional resource will result in shorter lead times and can also be configured to print barcodes, logo's and customer part numbers.

Montrose RoHS Statement to Customers 19/9/13

Montrose Fasteners Ltd is dedicated to providing a high level of customer service in respect of all legislation and environmental regulations including the RoHS 2 Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). To this end the following statement has been prepared to provide an overview of the processes and strategy Montrose has undertaken to comply with this legislation.

“Confirmation of compliance for products is based on information provided by our supply chain network or in certain situations by an independent UKAS laboratory. Montrose takes all reasonable steps to confirm supplier statements regarding the absence of the restricted substances. This is achieved primarily through a due diligence process but also incorporates industry accepted practice such as stainless steel items without coatings being RoHS 2 compliant. In addition all purchase orders for products purchased since September 2012 have included the requirement for RoHS compliance.
Montrose is currently in the process of acquiring compliance declarations from its suppliers however a large proportion of items have already been classified as RoHS compliant. New guidance on this Directive will be published on the B.I.S website over the course of the year which Montrose will strive to adhere to but in the interim period we feel the measures taken are appropriate. We will continue to update our records and will monitor issued guidance to ensure Montrose continues to keep pace with the latest developments. It is further stated that these substances will not be intentionally supplied in the future on any orders where RoHS compliance has been specified.”

Montrose sources parts globally in order to offer the most competitive prices and provide a diverse range to its customers. Parts are procured on a commercial basis from both manufacturers and other distributors meaning that whilst all parts are traceable to the Montrose source they are not always traceable back to the original manufacturer. Due to this broad scope it can be extremely difficult to obtain RoHS Compliance documentation after the delivery of an order. To mitigate this issue Montrose respectfully requests that all future purchase orders/enquires are endorsed with compliance certification requirements to allow our procurement department to obtain the necessary documentation at the time of order. A certificate of conformity stating which parts are RoHS compliant can then be issued if required.
For your convenience we have also attached a list of Materials and finishes confirmed to us as complying with this Directive. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact your Sales representative.

Mr C Ainsworth
Managing Director

Southern Manufacturing 2013

Montrose recently exhibited at Southern Manufacturing 2013 and we are pleased to say 
the event was a great success. It gave us the opportunity to not only catch up with
current customers and suppliers but also gain new contacts in our drive for continued
growth. Plans are already under way for the next Exhibition and we hope to see you there! 

Montrose Bedford

We would like to announce that on the 14th March 2012 the assets of Arrow Supply Company Ltd were purchased by Montrose Fasteners Ltd.

We were sorry to hear of the demise of our fellow distributors Arrow Supply Company; However we have always recognised the efforts of Bob and Gerry and the excellent reputation the company gained by providing a first class service to its customers. For this reason we have re-employed Bob and Gerry along with other key members of their staff. With group support from Montrose we are pleased to say we are open for business at Bedford. I would hope we can count on your continued support. If you would like to know more about these developments please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my fellow directors.

In the meantime we look forward to being of service to you and would like to assure you that we shall do everything we can to ensure you get a first class service from Montrose Bedford.